Harmajan kennel

Zwerg-Dachshund Rauhhaar Qualit-Quast Pharaohs Rock King

Qualit-Quast Pharaohs Rock King,Jorma

Date of birth:11.1.2016,Male

Breeder:Marinella Toivonen-Pesonen,kennel Qualit-Quast 

Owner:Susa ja Pasi Sulkakoski, kennel Harmajan, Vaasa, Finland


Knees 0/0

The results of its DNA study came. It's perfectly healthy.

210 different diseases were tested, none of which it carries in its genome.

The only observations were that it has drooping ears, short legs and a fluffy beard, mustache and eyebrows.

So the dachshund.

Litters:3.6.2021; 5 puppy.

Saatavana harkitusti jalostukseen terveille ja hyvä luonteisille nartuille.

Available for thoughtful breeding for healthy and good natured females.